Used for roads, parking areas and bike paths. Highly resistant and flexible, returning to its original form following impact, undamaged.

Ø8 – H40, H68, H80, H100
Ø11 – H40, H80

Resistant against over 1000 attacks.
UN regulation 12899-3.

The Smart Flexbollard is available in 2 distinct models, differentiated by a rounded or straight top / Possibility to add Glass Bead Reflectors to the base.

Flexible Prismatic Reflective Sheeting.

Flexible EVA body and crash-resistant. Returns to its original form following a crash. Has a metal plate and galvanised steel disc, 1.5mm thick.

Two band of class 2 or class 3 / Prismatic and flexible / Available in green and black.

Anchored to the ground with just 1 srew and 1 plastic sleeve.

Top and base detail.

Used for construction work, police signage or sports events. They are a great option thanks to their quick and easy stackable shape.

Produced using soft PVC injection technology and 100% ability to return to its initial position / Ready to use. No assembly required.

Available in 2 sizes and colors.

Used to indicate construction works, changes to and separations of paths, traffic management, as well as delimitation in sports activities.

The Smart Block plastic can be filled with water to increase its weight and stability when required / The drainage system, located at the bottom, allows a simple and agile disassembly.

Easy to assemble.

Used as warning and guide signs in works on roads, pavements and parking areas in no-vehicle zones, as lane separators, etc.

Available in black and orange.

Application in the ground with plastic socket and 3 screws.

Lightweight, stable and easily transportable. Made of polypropylene injection, it is highly resistant and easy to assemble.

100% recyclable and UV resistable /  Customizable through screen printing / Available in several colors.

Easy assembly and stacking.

Designed for the physical separation of parking spaces, protect vehicles fencing bicycle paths from traffic lanes, etc.

Made with Flexible Rubber, injection moulding / It incorporates a set of additives, which include an ultraviolet light absorber, and the necessary antioxidants for total thermal degradation protection / It’s weight and elasticity provides resistance features to prevent damages on clash.

The elements are fixed to the ground using 3 mounting elements and the mounting holes are protected with plugs / Bicycle separators are also mounted on surfaces that are not moving.

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